McKinney Capital (MC) is the family office of the McKinney Family of Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Through its management team, MC makes control investments in field services and related companies in the Southern United States and makes non-control investments more broadly in companies where we have special insight into the people or industries involved.  In general, our non-control investments are between $1 and 3 million, and we prefer to co-invest with like minded families and companies.

We are drawn to companies with long-term growth potential where we can add value in addition to money.  We have a strong track record of successfully growing existing companies and creating companies where we see an unmet market need.  As part of this, we maintain a dedicated in-house Talent Acquisition team to support the companies we invest in.

Unlike a traditional private equity firm, as a family office we have an indefinite hold period and an interest in working with companies that will contribute to the communities in which we live and work. We avoid investing in highly cyclical industries, restaurants, and retail.