Fledging is based in Birmingham, Alabama and provides innovative data storage solutions

Flight Lease
Flight Lease invests in aftermarket engines, which it leases into the commercial aviation sector

High Hampton Inn and Country Club
A redevelopment and revitalization of a historic mountain inn and country club located in Cashiers, North Carolina. Investment organized by Arlington Family Offices and managed by Daniel Communities

Omega Realty Holdings
Omega purchases, rehabilitates, and manages the rental of single family residences.

Premier NSR Holdings
A beachfront resort under development in Panama City Beach, Florida

Rachio/Eastview Partners
Rachio is a Smart Sprinkler Controller Company
This is a co-investment with lead investor Eastside Partners

Shannon Waltchack Neighborhood Centers
Shannan Waltchack acquires stabilized neighborhood centers in targeted Southeastern cities

Ashford Place, Huntleigh Woods, and Southern Oaks
Multifamily complexes in Mobile, Alabama
Owned and managed by StoneRiver Company

Westland Cove
A 240-unit luxury apartment complex under development in Knoxville, Tennessee
Developed by StoneRiver Company

Undercover Colors
Developed a simple test that can detect if a drink has been spiked with a common date rape drug in as little as 30 seconds

Urgent Care for Children
Urgent Care for Children is a pediatric urgent care clinic headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama