The primary goal of McKinney Capital is to ensure that the companies we partner with reach their full potential. The companies we control directly or through majority board positions employ over 1,000 people and service customers throughout the entire United States and Puerto Rico. We focus on investing additional capital, necessary non-financial resources (e.g., people, connections, expertise, etc.), and growing the top line.   

Whether a business owner would like to remain involved in the company, or is simply looking for an exit strategy, we prioritize building a partnership from the very beginning of the process. Partnering with McKinney Capital allows business owners to protect the organization they have worked hard to build, gives them the option of maintaining participation in the company, and provides them the opportunity to leverage our expansive network and resources. 

McKinney Capital makes two types of investments: control and non-control. Although McKinney Capital’s process looks similar for each type of investment, there are distinct criteria. 

Control Investment Criteria: 

In our control-level investments, we strongly support the owner who desires to continue on as CEO or the family that wants to stay involved. We have significant experience with, and welcome, somewhat distressed situations or situations with unclear management succession. Companies in which we invest typically meet the following criteria: 

  • Headquarters Location: Within 4 hours of Birmingham, AL 
  • Operations: Southeastern United States 
  • Revenue: $5 million to $100 million 
  • Deal Size: Up to $30 million 
  • Deal Leverage: Limited use of debt financing to purchase 
  • Ownership: Controlling equity position 
  • Leadership: Owner may stay on or exit, determined on a case-by-case basis 
  • Type of Company: We prefer service businesses, but are open to most industries – exceptions are retail, restaurants and non-technical construction industries 

Non-Control Investment Criteria:  

  • Operations: Southeastern United States 
  • Revenue: $1 million or more; no pre-revenue investments considered 
  • Size of our Investment: $500,000 to $3 million
  • Type of Company: We are open to most industries – exceptions are retail, restaurants and non-technical construction industries.  

Our Non-Financial Value: Access to McKinney Capital’s strong talent acquisition team, leadership development team, general business and financial acumen  

If you know a company that might be a good fit or would like to find out more about McKinney Capital, please email